Therapeutic Cannabis (CBD and THC) and its many medicinal properties

Known since time immemorial, and long time forbidden, cannabis returns to the forefront of the medical world.

Cannabis has been studied once again mainly through 2 molecules: THC and CBD.

Alone or associated, these two components of the cannabis plant are used for their multiple properties such as:

  • painkillers
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anticonvulsant effect
  • antitumor

The list of pathologies is extensive including: degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis, cancer, anorexia, epilepsy, diabetes and obesity, anti-nausea, cardiovascular diseases, to name a few…

The discoveries regarding the potential of therapeutic cannabis has not stopped surprising us. Especially since THC and CBD are not the only molecules that are of our interest.

This book is an opportunity to reevaluate the many virtues of this plant, which has yet to reveal all of its secrets.

The best on energy care

Einstein said: “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.   Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.   This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Many of us have gone through these periods of doubts, discomfort, times when we feel like we are thrown by life, almost a half-life, with no control over our destinies.

This book is a summary of many solutions available to you to create this reality that reflects  and that will allow you to finally live the life that you have only dream about. Given that it is in you where you will find these answers, we will see in the course of the chapters how to direct, model and control your energy so that you create this reality to which you aspire.

Through the pages, stories and techniques, you will take full measure of your abilities and of what you can achieve by channeling your light, energy, thoughts, Qi or Chi; the purpose is to offer the reader the technique that would be best to reveal and exploit ones energetic potential.

The Universe is energy: it is present in plants, in all living beings, it is quantifiable and you will also discover that the strongest source of energy is in ourselves, in our heads; because thought is also energy. Scientists have proved it; because it is measurable: thought is an energetic wave: by mastering these techniques of Energetic Treatments, you will master its content, vibrate at a frequency that will model and project the world and the beings around you.

The Best of Energy Treatments is the definitive solution to all the problems and frustrations: these techniques will not solve them, they will simply not exist because you have managed to create this reality to which you aspire.

Guide to ancestral medicine around the world

« Tradition is the repetition of popular habits and customs that come to us from the past. This is the definition given by Professor Mbola Morel.

Currently, thanks to advances in science and technology, we have the ability to print organs on a daily basis in the world, thus surgeons can « repair » brains, one of the most complex organs of the human body.

Our civilization is turning more and more towards the natural and organic: a number of allopathic remedies are no longer reliable as they appeared a few years ago. We are currently experiencing a shift in the approach towards health and well-being, and through these ancestral practices, we have the means to sort out what is toxic and what is good for us.

Ancient civilizations had, thanks to their traditional healers, holistic healers who had a holistic approach, on how to heal.

Although we do not always have laboratory evidence regarding the effectiveness of this care, it remains undeniable that the results have been reproduced for millennia; For example, this is the case of artemisia, which is traditionally used to treat malaria and is currently being researched by pharmaceutical companies.

Man is complex, a holistic approach is necessary for a balance between him and the Universe.

Hoping that this new knowledge will allow us all to live a healthier life,


Guide to quantum therapies

Do you know about quantum therapies? This revolution refers to the vision we have of the world, diseases and medicine.

Quantum medicine of the new world is the combination of several biologically and ecologically pure energetic factors which include: magnetic fields, infrared, laser and low electrical voltage pulses similar to that of biological ones whose action has the purpose of restoring this electromagnetic field disturbed by pathology.

Scientific studies have shown that quantum therapy repairs cell membrane disorders and thus, restores damaged information between cells, organs, and systems.

This revolutionary therapy was conceived and developed at the end of the last century in Russia by scientists and doctors specializing in aerospace medical research in order to treat cosmonauts subjected to the perverse effects of extended trips to space stations.

ln this book, you will discover an ample variety of devices including those of bioresonance, mainly Russian-made. Given that they are well-developed, they are able to perform a very accurate diagnosis and treat many diseases.

Why use quantum therapies?

They offer the possibility to fully harmonize the individual, given that they allow to connect to the customer through a range of vibratory levels including the most dense and the finest. They suggest an interrelation between physical symptoms, energy imbalances and emotional disorders, they use electromagnetic frequencies to re-harmonize these imbalances and rely on the body’s ability to self-regulate. By harmonizing the energetic body, the chemistry of the physical body gradually adjusts.

Quantum therapies are, without a doubt, part of the medicine of the future as they offer great hope.

Good discovery of this new world,

The Power of Stem Cells

Les cellules souches, une nouvelle façon de soigner

Notre corps est en état de renouvellement permanent de notre naissance à notre mort. Il est en quelque sorte constamment remis à neuf. Pratiquement tous nos organes, tous nos tissus, toutes nos cellules vont être complètement renouvelées plusieurs fois, à une fréquence plus ou moins élevée en fonction des cellules.

Ainsi notre vie dépend de ce processus de renouvellement, dont les cellules souches sont à la base.

Il faut comprendre que les cellules souches sont des cellules qui conservent l’aptitude à reproduire des cellules identiques à elles-mêmes (auto-renouvellement) mais aussi qui peuvent se différencier en un ou plusieurs tissus (neural, hématopoïétique, musculaire, hépatique, osseux, cartilagineux, etc.) selon les facteurs de croissance et les milieux dans lesquels elles sont cultivées.

Porteuses d’un immense espoir, celui de pouvoir réparer n’importe quel type de cellule ou de tissu humain, de faire ce que les traitements actuels ne parviennent pas à réaliser, les cellules souches font partie, sans nul doute, de la médecine du futur.

African naturopathy

Since prehistory, human beings have looked into their environment(plants, animals, stones, spirits) to relieve theirs ills and treat their injuries.

Western modern medicine has rejected most of these remedies by developing chemical drugs and a sophisticated caring technique. Nonetheless, they continue to use certain herbal remedies based on medicinal plants. A recent trend has even led to search for new plant substitutes for certain diseases: cancer, malaria, etc.

Over 200 000 plant species out of the 300 000 fount today in all of our planet live in the tropical countries of Africa and elsewhere. The history of medicine shows the importance of these species in therapies, all traditional societies that have drawn, for their health care, in this very rich pharmacopoeia plant.

Author Bertrand Canavy highlights the benefits and disadvantages of this traditional medicine: it examines, for example, the used techniques and the problems of standardization and dosage.

Feeling Good here and now

Use The Present Moment for maximum results!

The human being, by nature, feel at ease and undisputed to memorize the past and to conceive the future.

Have we ever been or are we able to predict exactly what will happen in the next minute? And yet, our brains will never stop to assume and plan future illusions.

Many people have never asked the question and have no idea how to go about trying to find out how they are doing, or how to make a change.

Is it the same for you? Have you discovered the secrets that increase your efficiency and save you hours every day?
The truth is:

If you want your success in business to skyrocket and your whole life to improve… You must have another vision of the present moment!

Do you know why most people tend not to achieve the success they want in their personal and professional lives?
This is because they do not know that one has to stay brave, because human beings are by nature used to label, criticize, make excuses and find faults.

Acquiring a state of mind of acceptance helps us move forward in life. Likewise, do not dream of what you will do once you have made a lot of money, take your time to fulfill your desires and wishes.

The Powers of the Subconscious

Many of us complain about their lifestyle. Professional difficulties, health problems, sentimental disappointments…

We blame society, age, bad luck. We make others responsible for our failures, but we are the creators of our misfortune and happiness.

For neuroscientists, negative thoughts rooted in our subconscious sometimes cause disasters and many unnecessary pain.
This book reveals ways to free ourselves from these limiting beliefs and explains how to program our subconscious to execute our desires.

By applying powerful spiritual principles, it is possible to change one’s life in depth and easily attract prosperity, health and success.

Unlimited mentality

This book is aimed for those who find it difficult to motivate themselves and feet fatigue or lassitude at work that is not only physical:

Stress, emotional hyper-investment, anger, annoyance, anxiety lead to a high energy loss that reduces well-being and performance and can lead to burnout in chronic cases.

Fortunately, it’s reversible. Through a better understanding of the brain’s functioning, Bertrand Canavy invites us to reconstitute his energy contributions by reorganizing his daily activities to increase the sources of pleasure and limit the areas of loss of mental energy.

Change your strategy, change your life

How would you feel if one morning when you woke up, your life became exactly what you wanted it to be? Recognized worldwide and regularly acclaimed author.

Do you wish you had energy to spare and feel fully happy? More efficient? Make a good living? To be recognized and appreciated by all?

This book is the key to your success. By following this progressive and fun program, you will learn how to surpass yourself and to durably reveal your true potential.