African naturopathy

Since prehistory, human beings have looked into their environment(plants, animals, stones, spirits) to relieve theirs ills and treat their injuries.

Western modern medicine has rejected most of these remedies by developing chemical drugs and a sophisticated caring technique. Nonetheless, they continue to use certain herbal remedies based on medicinal plants. A recent trend has even led to search for new plant substitutes for certain diseases: cancer, malaria, etc.

Over 200 000 plant species out of the 300 000 fount today in all of our planet live in the tropical countries of Africa and elsewhere. The history of medicine shows the importance of these species in therapies, all traditional societies that have drawn, for their health care, in this very rich pharmacopoeia plant.

Author Bertrand Canavy highlights the benefits and disadvantages of this traditional medicine: it examines, for example, the used techniques and the problems of standardization and dosage.